Sandra JamesThe Board of Directors of the Women's Inter-Cultural Exchange (WIE) has named Sandra James as Interim CEO replacing Roberta "Bert" Harper who has served in this capacity since 2014.

Sandra brings a wealth of experience in non-profit administration and fund development in Charlotte and across the nation. She has been a devoted WIE member since 2014 launching the Fides (Latin for Trust) Giving Society serving as a 10th Anniversary Co-chair and as 2017 Co-chair of the Board of Directors.

Sandra will begin this role on August 1, 2017.  To see more about Sandra, CLICK HERE.


Bert HarperAfter three years as CEO of Women's Inter-Cultural Exchange, Roberta "Bert" Harper will retire effective July 31, 2017.  Bert became involved in WIE in 2012 and has served as Board member, Board Chair and CEO.

Bert came to WIE after retiring from Bank of America as Senior Vice President.  During her tenure with WIE, Bert implemented policies and procedures which dramatically improved the operation and efficiencies of the organization including the development of WIE's 5-Year Strategy; improved the visibility of WIE within the Greater Charlotte community and strenthened the organization's programs.  She has been a mentor to students in the Mentoring Across Difference (MAD) program since she joined WIE.  In addition, Bert was largely responsible for the success of our 10th Anniversary Celebration in 2016 as well as the 5-Part Charlotte Wake-Up Series held early this year.

"Bert has played a critical role in the development and success of WIE and has made many significant contributions", says Founding CEO and Vision Keeper, Stephanie Counts.  "In addition to the growth of our programs, Bert was instrumental in WIE's selection by the Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators program  (DISI) for an impact evaluation after 10 years".

THANKS BERT for all you've done in helping WIE "Build Bridges Across Race and Culture". 

Ilona-OkunevaIlona Okuneva is currently interning for Women’s Intercultural Exchange. She is also managing Masa Sushi, a small sushi restaurant in the Steel Creek neighborhood. Ilona recently received her B.A. in professional communication and is finishing her M.A. in organizational leadership from Columbia College. Right now, she is working hard at WIE with the Mentoring Across Differences program to gain a better perspective of just how much of a positive impact the program is making. So, if you were a mentor or mentee in the MAD program, any and all feedback would be greatly welcomed.

Ilona also has gained a mentor in the process that is teaching her what it is like being a woman in the working world and helping her gain new life experiences. When she is not juggling work, school, and her internship, she is spoiling her two kittens, trying out new recipes, and hitting the gym.

Ilona is grateful for all of her opportunities and is excited about what’s to come in the future and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 980-355-7000.

Thank You

For Making Our Charlotte Wake Up Series A Success!

charlotte wake up call


Series 1 - Who are We? Hearing the voices of diverse Charlotteans
(Click on photo for their BIO)

Manuel Betancur

 Wanda Carter
Jennifer Davis
Gina Esquivel
Gina Esquivel

Siobhan Johnson
amy hawn nelson
Amy Hawn Nelson
Liana Rebolo
Liana Rebollo
Toussaint Romain
Toussaint Romain


 Series 2 - Who Am I? Understanding implicit bias
(Click on photo for their BIO)

 Vernon Gettone
Vernon Gettone, Ph.D.


Series 3 - What we found when we dug deeper
(Click on the photo for their BIO)

Greg Jarrell
Mary Nell McPherson
Mary Nell McPherson
Toussaint Romain
Toussaint Romain
brenda tindal
Brenda Tindle


 Series 4 - Investing in a Better Future: Affordable Housing in Charlotte
(Click on the photo for their BIO)
Hugh Mccoll
Hugh McColl
Dionne Nelson
Dionne Nelson
peter pappas
Peter Pappas
Robert Scott
Rev. Dr. Robert Scott

Terry Shook
pamela wideman
Pamela Wideman


    Series 5 - What Have I Learned? What do I do now?
(Click on photo for their BIO)
jerry cannon
Rev. Dr. Jerry Cannon
bob henderson
Rev. Dr. Bob Henderson
Mariam Jameel
Jessica schoorr saxe
Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe


Series Facilitators
(Click on photo for their BIO)
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson
Gwen Thomas
Gwen Garnett

More information regarding the Covenant Series can be found by CLICKING HERE

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