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Dee DixonStephanie CountsIn late 2004, WIE Co-Founders, Stephanie Counts and Dee Dixon, saw a need within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community for Women of Color to get together to discuss unique opportunities and the challenges they face.

WIE LogoThe Women's Inter-Cultural Exchange logo symbolizes the organization's mission to bridge unity within a broader community. The I in the middle of the logo signifies the Individual and Inter-Cultural. The bridge above the I links the W and the E creating the word WE. The center sphere represents unity which makes all shine as one/together within a broader community.

Thank you SPARK Publications for creating our logo.


The corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes including, without limitation, building and bridging social capital among women of diverse cultures, fostering cross-cultural awareness and developing the infrastructure for community dialog, engagement and programming.