About Us

Founders & Honorary Board

  • Stephanie Counts

    Stephanie Counts
    WIE Co-Founder & CEO Emeritus

  • Dee Dixon

    Dee Dixon
    WIE Co-Founder
    Pride Communications/Magazine

  • Nini Bautista

    Dr. Nini Bautista
    International Affairs Consultant

  • Linda Lockman-Brooks

    Linda Lockman-Brooks
    Lockman-Brooks Marketing Services

  • Sally Robinson

    Sally Robinson
    Community Leader

  • Joan Zimmerman

    Joan Zimmerman
    Southern Shows, Inc.

Staff & Consultants

  • Rhonda Caldwell

    Rhonda Caldwell

  • Howard Counts

    Howard Counts
    Webmaster & Consultant

  • Stephanie Counts

    Stephanie Counts
    Project Consultant

  • Laura Everett

    Laura Everett
    Program Consultant

  • Tara Hammons

    Tara Hammons
    Project Consultant

WIE Board of Directors

  • Valerie A Patterson

    Valerie A Patterson
    Duke Energy
    WIE Board Chair

  • Sharon Harrington

    Sharon Harrington
    Chief of Staff
    Novant Health Foundations

  • Brittany Hunt

    Brittany Hunt
    Ph.D Student, Curriculum & Instruction/UNC-Charlotte

  • Kelly R Little

    Kelly R Little
    Author, Poet, Visionary, Motivational Speaker

  • Janet Manzullo

    Janet Manzullo
    Fashion & Compassion

  • Glen Wright

    Glen E. Wright, II
    Worth Financial Advisors
    WIE Board Treasurer


  • Regina Wharton

    Regina Wharton
    5th Third Bank
    Advisory Chairperson

  • Lisa Emory

    Lisa Emory
    HM Properties

  • Tina B Henry

    Tina Bonner Henry
    Community Leader

  • Rena L Lewis

    Rena L Lewis
    Signature Intentions LLC

  • Joy Paige

    Joy Paige Springs

  • Donna Parker-Tate

    Donna Parker-Tate
    Retired Principal/Coach/Mentor
    Chancellor of Youth Opportunity University

  • Meg Patchett

    Dr. Meg Patchett
    Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

  • Fabi Preslar

    Fabi Preslar
    SPARK Publications

  • Barbara E Riley

    Dr. Barbara E Riley
    The Chambers Group

  • Deborah Saunders

    Deborah Saunders
    The Putt Girl Book Series

  • Beverly Spainhour

    Beverly Spainhour
    Retired Private School Administrator
    Community Volunteer

  • Valarie Udeh

    Valarie Udeh
    BAE Systems

  • Marty Viser

    Marty Viser
    Community Affairs, Philanthropy, Govt. Relations

National Advisors

  • Carolyn Flowers

    Carolyn Flowers
    Transit Advisor and Consultant
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Samara Fox

    Samara Ryder Fox
    Community Leader
    Washington, DC

  • Katherine Giscombe

    Katherine Giscombe
    Giscombe & Associates
    New York, NY

  • Marilyn Johnson

    Marilyn Johnson
    Founder MarilynjSpeaks.com
    Washington, DC

  • Linda Ketner

    Linda Ketner
    KSI Leadership & Mgmt. Dev.
    Charleston, SC

  • Anthony Mitchell

    Anthony Mitchell
    Council for Advancement and Support of Education
    Washington, DC

WIE LogoThe Women's Inter-Cultural Exchange logo symbolizes the organization's mission to bridge unity within a broader community. The I in the middle of the logo signifies the Individual and Inter-Cultural. The bridge above the I links the W and the E creating the word WE. The center sphere represents unity which makes all shine as one/together within a broader community.

Thank you SPARK Publications for creating our logo.