Gina EsquivelGina Esquivel a native of Costa Rica has resided in US/Charlotte for over 22 years “when we had the Eastland Mall and the NFL came to the Carolinas”.  Mrs. Esquivel leads a passionate career for social justice in various fields such as poverty, racial and ethnic inclusion, public health and domestic violence.

She has served on multiple non-profit boards at both, local and state level. Recently, as a board member of the Charlotte Lesbian Gay Fund and Chair of the UNCC Women+Girls Research Alliance.

Mrs. Esquivel is an active participant in the local dialogue around diversity/ inclusion and economic opportunity as the Associate Director of Programs, Education and Civic Engagement for Crisis Assistance Ministry.

Esquivel’s diverse educational background in Education and Counseling from the National University of Costa Rica, a Master’s Degree in Change Management from Pfeiffer University, and an experienced Project Manager offers a multidimensional perspective.

Gina is a storytelling enthusiast; she is studying photography at the New York Institute of Photography. Gina and her wife Kathia love to travel, and the outdoors; aiming to keep life with a new perspective.