Manuel Betancur BIO

Manuel BetancurManuel Jose Betancur Montoya was born on May 8, 1976, in EL Carmen De Viboral, Antioquia, Colombia. He is the third son of Jose Ramon Betancur and Alba Luz Montoya.

He went to the public schools at his home town, his family was poor and they did not have the money to pay for private education. Manuel never knew what is to be hungry but he considers himself in some ways a Colombian version of Tom Sawyer, running around his town and playing with his friends, when he was a kid he heritage his older brother clothes and shoes, wearing pants with patches in the knees and holes in the shoes. Lived in a rustic house with concrete and soil floors, he had to clean the house and worked as well in his father business with his three brothers.

When he was a teenager by the edge of fifteen he become the first Colombian teenager to rich black belt in two different martial arts. He loved and still does martial arts, in 2008 Sensei Iwata in Japan elected 25 people from around the world to go to practice with him the Katana, Samurai Sword, and Manuel was elected.

In 1994 Manuel was able to get to the most prestigious and difficult academies to get in Colombia. 35 people were accepted at the Colombian Navy academy of Colombia by 1998 from those 35 people just 13 graduated and Manuel becomes one of those getting a ranch of a second lieutenant and a civil engineer.

In 1999 he become at commander of 400 soldiers of the Colombia military forces and also commander of Special Forces platoon, he lived and fight the Colombian war and he realized that war was not for him and that is when he decided to lived his dear Colombia and emigrated to United States.

Year 2000 Manuel arrived to Miami, whit 2 pants, 2 shirts and one pair of shoes, one thousand dollars and his pocket and 1 million dreams. Without knowing English, he got a scholarship to study at King College in Bristol, TN. By fall of 2001, Manuel started college and also started as a dishwasher at the same school, by spring of 2004 he graduated with magnum clade majoring in modern languages and working as international broker for a company in Bristol Tn.

During his college years with farm workers he did Americorp, is that moment of his life when he realized the reality of the emigrants of this country and that is when he started fighting for the emigrant’s rights. After he graduated he left his job as broker and started working full time with the emigrants in Virginia as ESL teacher and taking them from the farms to the hospitals and local clinics.

Year 2006, few months after Manuel moved from Virginia to NC, the USA immigration system started a deportation order to Manuel Betancur. His attorney in Virginia did not notice Immigration about Manuel moving from one state to other state. Two years and twenty thousand dollars costed him to fix that situation. In 2008, Manuel went to federal court in Washington DC. His judge case asked Manuel to tell his personal history, after the judge heard his history the judge said to him “I want to thank you for everything that you have done for this country, you are an example for many Americans to follow and I am ordering the immigration system to make you American Citizen. By December of 2008, Manuel became American citizen in Charlotte, NC.

In 2011 he bought 50 percent of Las Delicias bakery, his bakery right now sales to almost 100 stores and restaurants in NC and Virginia, is recognized by the critics as the “best place to get desserts in 2014 in Charlotte” according to Creative loafing, as also, as one “of the 50 places that you must visited in Charlotte” according to Charlotte magazine, and as well “one place to get an international desserts and bread” according to Charlotte Observer. Also, Las Delicias Bakery’s cakes and desserts are currently for sale in several Harris Teeter of the Queen University.

Manuel has always believed in the American dream, he says “the American dream still there, it is a little harder to find now than before but stills there. However, the American dream is important for him, the real source of Manolo’s happiness in his life are his son Emanuel Gael and his daughter Julia Sofia.

Manuel in the last few years have been receiving different awards in the community. Winner of Hispanic Achievement and Business Leadership Awards as entrepreneur of the year. 2013.Winner the Spirit award by The Latin American Chamber of Commerce of the year 2014.Winner the business of the year by La Noticia newspaper of the year 2015. Also, in the same year was appointed by the major of Charlotte to be part of The Business Advisory Committee of the Queen City.