mary Heath SwansonMary Heath Swanson began her career in Commercial Photography in New York City alongside daylight food photographer Rita Maas & luxury goods photographer Carlton Davis. Her skillsets include studio management & operations, film & digital capture, SLR, DSLR, Medium & Large format cameras, photo retouching, printing & digital archiving. Commercial photography is a highly technical field that marries creative inspiration with applied and industrial sciences.

Clients during her studio tenure included Whole Foods Market, Gourmet & Parents Magazines, Good Housekeeping & Weight Watchers Cookbooks, Tiffany & Co., Sephora, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, British & Italian Marie Claire, to name a few.

In addition to supporting these two contemporary commercial photographers, Mary Heath developed her own client base providing photography to Ladies’ Home Journal, WebMD Healthy Pets & Workman Publishing Page-A-Day Dog Calendar, as well as providing editorial capture to private commissioned based clients.

In 2010 Mary Heath relocated to Charlotte, NC. Her time is currently spent as the primary caregiver to her three children & volunteer work through Dilworth Elementary School PTA Book Fair Committee, The Cornwell Center Board, and advocating to preserve & promote Affordable Housing in Charlotte through a partnership with The Stan Greenspon Center for Peace & Social Justice at Queens University.

Mary Heath earned her B.S. in Industrial Technology, with a concentration in Technical Photography & a Minor in Communications from the College of Fine & Applied Arts at Appalachian State University.