High School Mentoring Program

The goals of the Mentoring Program are:

  • increase the number of graduates from GHS;
  • afford students the opportunity to have mentors to provide a caring adult role model for them during this critical stage of their lives;
  • compliment students’ leadership and development skills, allowing access to senior level professionals and selected college mentees in the community;
  • provide students guidance from leaders they might not be able to access; and
  • ensure students are nurtured by others willing to share time and experiences to support participants’ success in a global society.

How the project uniquely addresses needs and empowers the community:

Building trust and increasing social capital continues to be a critical need in Charlotte. College and high school students often do not have access to mentors different than their own backgrounds, thereby limiting their opportunities in today’s global society. One way to assist students overcome educational challenges is through building relationships using mentoring as a strategy. WIE believes that mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people access to someone who cares about them. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have a powerfully positive effect on young people in a variety of personal, academic and professional situations.

The program’s model is based on the premise that cross difference relationships can break down racial barriers by exposing participants to people from cultures and therefore dismantle societal barriers which leads to fostering trust.

Monitoring and evaluation processes built into the project:

Success of both the MAD program and the collaboration with GHS will be measured by the value given the mentor/mentee relationship by both parties. At MAD’s Orientation Session mentors and mentees are charged to create a list of mutually agreed upon desired outcomes. These outcomes are driven, mainly by the student and his/her goals, but must also be deemed viable by the mentor. Throughout the academic year, WIE staff, Campus Liaisons and appointed GHS Liaison will visit with each mentor/mentee pair to check progress against these outcomes. At the end of the year, a second and more in-depth survey is completed, and if the objectives determined by the pair are met, the relationship is considered successful.

Suggested Success Metrics to be measured:

  • AP Class in junior year
  • School Attendance @95%
  • A/B Honor Roll
  • School + 2 extra activities
  • Prepared for outside Garinger High School (social trust)
  • College Acceptance Plan



Return your application to GMAD Co-Chairs, Dorothy Counts-Scoggins and Donna Parker-Tate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Garinger High School Mentoring Across Difference Participants

  • Jaela Agee

    Jaela Agee

  • Zakiya Erwin

    Zakiya Erwin

  • Melissa Figueroa

    Melissa Figueroa

  • Mekhiyah Howze

    Mekhiyah Howze

  • Alycia Lemus

    Alycia Lemus

  • Madina Maingua

    Madina Maingua

  • Sintya Martinez

    Sintya Martinez

  • Cindy Nguyen

    Cindy Nguyen

  • Kelly Turrubiartes

    Kelly Turrubiartes

  • Shaniya Williamson

    Shaniya Williamson

2018-2019 GMAD Orientation

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Garinger HS Mentoring Across Difference Orientation

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