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Our GMAD mentees are in for another great year. We’ve hosted mixer events to help mentors and mentees get acquainted, and we supplemented this year’s program with a four-part Personal Development workshop series called  “ME 2.0”,  that kicked off February 21st at Garinger High School.  ME 2.0 was tailored for our girls by one of our mentors, life coach and author, Deidra Parrish Williams of Hollisder House. Once a month through May, the girls will participate in an interactive experience designed to provide them tools and perspectives for planning and decision-making in all areas of their lives.

“As most of us grown-ups know, life requires life skills. The earlier we can help you develop those skills and put them in your toolbox, the more prepared you’ll be to build the kind of life you’ll be proud of,” Ms. Parrish Williams said to the group in the first module, “The Story of You.”  

WIE members, Dorothy Counts Scoggins, Donna Parker Tate, Brittenay Caussieestko-Lee and Lashanda Millner Murphy were on hand for the workshop. Ms Parker Tate remarked; “One of the girls hugged me when the workshop was over. I can see that this is going to help us get to know the girls better and build stronger relationships with them.”

The girls were encouraged to share highlights of the day with their mentors so feel free to ask prompt them. You can ask questions like: What are the two kinds of “perspective”? What is the prefrontal cortex and what role does it play? What are your long- and short-term goals, and what choices will help you attain them?

The workshop ended with a closing thought from Ms. Parrish Williams that brought the discussion a perfect close: “Every moment of every day, you’re the lead character in a scene within a chapter of a book that is The Story of You.  What happens next is up to you. You’re not just the lead character, you’re the author too.”


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Garinger High School Mentoring Across Difference Participants

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    Jaela Agee

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    Shaniya Williamson

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